Startups using AWS

Deploy a Next.js app in your AWS account in your AWS account with Akeero.

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As a SaaS startup founder, you will face a constant uphill journey. A journey with many stumbling blocks, false starts and technical challenges. One such technical challenge is figuring out how to build your application’s AWS infrastructure, getting from idea to your MVP as quickly as possible. You have to choose between doing it “right” or doing it “quickly” and the trade off is almost certainly multiple refactors as your product matures.


When speed is your key competitive advantage, you can rapidly build with Akeero automating the creation of your infrastructure:

  • Build from templates used and tested by other developers
  • Use one platform to visually design your own infrastructure
  • Leverage Akeero Profiles to apply pre-built configuration to cloud resources, e.g. low-cost or secure-configuration profiles
  • Akeero scaffolds all your infrastructure code so you just commit and build, without the complexity, the errors or the endless refactoring

S3 - Eventbridge Targets

A sample showing how to use EventBridge rules with targets and pattern based rules.

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