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Deploying Next.js applications to Vercel can suit a lot of projects, however, there are a number of issues to consider if deploying to Vercel:

  • Limited Flexibility and Customization: Vercel offers a more abstracted environment, which might not cater to specific infrastructure requirements as AWS does. Projects needing granular control over their infrastructure might find Vercel restrictive.
  • Dependency on External Backend Services: While AWS provides integrated backend services like RDS, DynamoDB, and Elasticache, Vercel deployments often rely on third-party services for backend needs. This can introduce additional complexity and potential integration challenges.
  • Less Detailed Cost Management: Vercel's pricing model, while straightforward, might not offer the same level of detailed cost tracking and optimization opportunities as AWS.
  • Potential Integration Challenges: If an organization is already using AWS services, deploying on Vercel might introduce integration complexities. AWS offers a more seamless experience for integrating various services within its ecosystem.

With the above in mind, there are many Next.js projects that would be better suited to being deployed on AWS instead of Vercel. This creates it's own challenges though:

  • Complex Configuration: AWS offers a plethora of services, and configuring them correctly for a Next.js app can be daunting. For instance, setting up Amazon S3 for static assets, Amazon CloudFront for CDN, and AWS Lambda for server-side rendering can be intricate.
  • Routing Issues: AWS services like CloudFront or Application Load Balancer might require additional configuration to handle Next.js's custom routes or dynamic routes.
  • Learning Curve: For developers new to AWS, there's a steep learning curve to understand the myriad of services and best practices for deploying applications securely and efficiently.


Using Akeero to deploy Next.js to AWS can help solve these issues.

  • Akeero scaffolds out a working, deploy-ready Next.js project, including Cloudfront, Lambdas and S3 buckets.
  • You can extend the template quickly to suit your project using the Akeero Diagram to Code platform.
  • No requirement to learn the intricacies of AWS or CDK.

Next.js on AWS template

Starter Template to run Next.Js on AWS using the Open Next framework and CDK

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