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Increase every developer's velocity.

We do this by empowering modern developers to rapidly build robust and secure applications and infrastructure to meet the needs of their users.


Developers need to ship quickly…. Developers must prioritise meeting user expectations for constant availability, strong security, rapid feature development, incremental improvements, and timely responsiveness to user needs. At Akeero, we want developers to easily meet user expectations by rapidly designing, building and deploying cloud applications and infrastructure in minutes.

But cloud complexity and developer responsibility is increasing… Modern cloud platforms allow smaller teams to achieve more through automating tasks typically done by infrastructure teams. The tradeoff that whilst they may not be doing the activities of an infrastructure team, they now carry those responsibilities. Ultimately the scope of developer responsibilities have increased, with that comes more complexity and the need to have a wider breadth of knowledge.

Which leads to a poor developer experience… All that added complexity can lead to a poor developer experience, which ultimately creates a barrier to adoption. This can offset many of the benefits of offloading undifferentiated heaving lifting to a cloud provider. Akeero radically changes the developer experience by simplifying the complexity of cloud providers, empowering modern developers to rapidly build robust, available and secure applications that meet the ever increasing demands of their users.


Our strategy is to build a suite of products that enables developers to own the entire software development lifecycle. We’ll do this by focusing of the following three things:

Speed - A developer's top priority should be shipping impactful features for users as fast as possible. They should not have to spend time worrying about the complexity of building in the cloud. By using Akeero, developers can focus on the feature and deliver value to their users, safe in the knowledge that Akeero will simplify the build of their supporting infrastructure.

Integrated Workflows - automation has changed the software development lifecycle, no question about it. But we see a problem, developer’s need to constantly switch context between tools like their IDE, CI/CD workflows, cloud consoles all just to see if their code has deployed correctly. By surfacing this information in Akeero, developers can focus on their IDE and get the information they need from Akeero, when they need it.

Collaboration - remote work is the new norm, but now, more than ever, teams need to be able to work together. Developers need to be able to collaborate, whether that is to create reusable code, understand and learn what their peers are building or visualise the impact of their work, but this is difficult to achieve with the tools they currently use. We can provide this collaboration in a single platform, being the source of truth for every decision made during the development lifecycle.