Security for everyone. From the beginning.

Designing with Akeero means security is baked into every product release.
Spend less time fixing security issues and more time focusing on building features.

Get started in minutes

Create an account and get designing your secure infrastructure in minutes. Use our Threat Engine to identify threats in seconds and the exact steps required to fix them.

Built for teams of all sizes

Whether you’re part of a small, overachieving team building their way to unicorn status, a lone wolf working on a side hustle or a vital part of a huge international team, Akeero can help. Security is both expected and required in modern development, no matter the team size.

Identify issues early

Too many teams rely on security tools that tell them what has already gone wrong. This is just too late. Identify issues while you’re building so that you can fix them early, saving you time and endless rework.


Tell Akeero what you want to build using the Drag and Drop canvas.

Get more out than what you put in

With other diagramming tools such as and Lucidchart, you only get out what you put in. With Akeero as well as a clear and understandable representation of your infrastructure, you also get security context and actionable insights.


Your architecture diagram is always up-to-date meaning no longer do you have to second guess whether it’s the latest copy before rushing in to a meeting.


There are multiple stakeholders in the security of your product - easily share your infrastructure with new starters, customers and auditors.


Easily import your existing infrastructure into Akeero using our import feature.

Code to diagram

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to instantly diagram an IaC file to help you understand it? Do it in seconds in Akeero. Akeero identifies all of the resources within your IaC files, along with their relationships, and generates an editable diagram that can be quickly shared with anyone.

Analyze what's already there

We want you to be secure from the beginning. But what if you you already have infrastructure deployed? We’ve got you covered. Once you import your IaC files into Akeero they are diagrammed and analysed in seconds allowing you quickly correct what’s wrong.


If you have known good patterns within your organisations you can set these up as templates in Akeero and reuse them in seconds allowing you to focus on building new features and not having to reinvent the wheel every time.

Analyze & Fix

Our Threat Engine is constantly reviewing your infrastructure designs for threats.

Instant feedback

Why wait on your security team to review your infrastructure when you can have self-serve security? Akeero allows you to iterate and build quickly by giving you relevant security information at the right time - before you’ve coded anything.

Code snippets

How long do you spend researching fixes that your security team have asked you to make? Akeero tells you exactly what the problem is, what change is required to fix it and provides the code to change it.

Sort by criticality

Not sure which fixes are really important and which ones can wait? Each threat identified by Akeero comes with a criticality tag that allows you to focus your efforts.

Security sidekick

Don’t have a security specialist on your team? Most small teams don’t - let Akeero take some of the burden. Improve the overall security posture of your products and rely less on consultants and pen tests.


Connect Akeero into your workflow with our native integrations and webhooks.


Want to send a Slack message when a control is closed? Or maybe stream a list of threats to your vulnerability management tool? The possibilities are endless with webhooks.

Manage tickets in Jira

No-one wants to manage multiple ticket managers so we developed a native integration with Jira to allow you to create Jira tickets from within the Akeero app. Any updates in Jira will be reflected automatically in Akeero so you’re always seeing the most up-to-date status of each threat and control.

The second best day to get started is today.

Get in touch to begin finding threats in your infrastructure immediately.

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