Akeero Canvas

Devs wanna dev.

You didn’t become a coder to spend your time setting everything up. Our lo-config code is 10x faster, safer, and works out of the box.

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Akeero design canvas


Model your AWS infrastructure quickly by dragging and dropping components onto the canvas.

Configuration panel


Let us take care of the basic configuration and security, while you focus on inputting your specific variables.

Code panel


Receive the code you need, create a GitHub PR directly from our platform, and watch as your infrastructure is deployed.

Prioritise speed and repeatability.

Focus on what makes your product unique - not on the subtleties of AWS.

No-code multiplayer

Collaborate easily with members of your team who don't code. Akeero is made so your whole team can work together. DevOps can design infrastructure using ClickOps but output code that can be used by developers or deployed immediately.

Organisation defaults

Resource configuration can be set at the organisation level meaning any infrastructure created will follow your preferred defaults. Any changes can be pushed to projects that use those resources.

Custom templates

Build and manage custom templates and golden paths that you and your team can reuse time and time again.


Akeero uses security best practices to ensure that infrastructure built in Akeero is secure and follows the well-architected framework.

Instantaneous feedback loop

Making changes to your infrastructure, waiting for them to deploy and then seeing what breaks takes too long. Get instant feedback if you make a breaking change.

Use public templates for speed

Quickly sketch out your infrastructure using pre-built public templates and have a ready to deploy AWS CDK file waiting to be committed.

Integrates with GitHub

You work in GitHub - so does Akeero. Create pull requests directly from Akeero.

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